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At Digital Marketing Hub, we create affordable and responsive websites for small businesses. We’ll build your site based upon your specific business needs using the popular and flexible WordPress platform, and we’ll make sure your site is optimised to drive client conversions.

87% of Australians use the internet

97% use Google Search

That's a strong argument to own a website!

Do I need Website?


Want to know if you need a website for your business? Actually, the answer is ‘most likely’, however you could just need a landing page. What’s a landing page, you ask?

A landing page is just that, it’s generally a single page designed for a specific purpose such as product sales, membership sign-up or capturing leads. Of course, you’ll also have a pop-up page or similar to confirm that you have either performed the specific task such as a purchase, or to direct you to a further course of action. They are also usually devoid of navigation options found in the menu header of websites. If your goal is to direct traffic for a Sales and Marketing Campaign, I would recommend creating a landing page over a webpage.

A website, on the other hand, has a multitude of pages and represents varying functions. You’ll generally find pages such as:

  • home
  • about us
  • services
  • blog
  • contact us

Websites can also contain specific landing pages, it really depends on the business model. The sole purpose of a website may not necessarily be to drive sales, but also to provide an awareness of your existence, create trust in your brand, share free information via blogs and to collect contact information for future campaigns.

At the end of the day, if you’re considering either a website or landing page(s), you’re most likely at the stage where you need to expand your business and increase leads, conversions and subsequent sales. Most consumers search for products and information using a search engine such as Google, therefore making a website or landing page a key component in most small businesses’ marketing strategies.

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