Social Media Marketing

Should you be using Social Media to grow your business?

Want to know how to use Social Media Marketing to get new business?

I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve tried doing a few random Facebook posts, maybe even made a couple of YouTube videos yourself, but it’s not really resulting in any new business.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Before building and operating several small businesses, studying Social Media Marketing and becoming experts in the world of social media, we had no idea how much was involved and how to turn a few random posts into new, paying clients.

Did you Know?  

Social Media users in Australia are some of the most active in the world.

60% of the country’s population is an active user on Facebook.

Therefore, if you want your business to GROW, you need to be using Social Media.

Social Media Marketing Cairns can help you:

Reach your customers more effectively.

Build Relationships

Grow your business – FAST

So, how do you get all of these Social Media users to engage with your business?

So, that’s where we come in. We have a look at your business, your goals and help you develop a Social Media Strategy that will get you more clients!

Audits sound daunting, don’t they? 

But all it really means is us conducting a thorough review of all your business social media channels and compiling useful information about each account, all in one place.

A social media audit is a great starting point for us to see what you are currently doing, what works, what sucks and what can be done about it. 

For instance, do you use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and have a Twitter account you set up 3 years ago and have never used?  

When we do a Social Media Audit for someone, we start by compiling the following information: 

  • List of social media profiles – link to the profile  
  • Your social handle (what is the name you have set up for the account that is visible to everyone else)  
  • Account Manager – who is responsible for the account  
  • Is the branding, mission statement and handle seamless across accounts?  
  • What is the posting frequency/engagement?  
  • Top performing posts  
  • Key demographic information (who is liking/engaging with your channel)  

After that, we can identify which channels are right for your business and develop a Social Media Strategy. 

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So, what is a Social Media Strategy and do you even need one?  

If you’ve been doing random posts across different channels and not getting results, you’ve been wasting time and most likely some money.  It’s definitely time for a Social Media Strategy.  

Your Social Media Strategy should include:  

  • Goals and Objectives – What do you want to achieve through this campaign?  
  • Competitor Analysis – What are your competitors doing and what can you do better?  
  • Audience, best times to post, timeline. What platforms, how often, types of content?  
  • Target Audience – Who are you speaking to?  
  • Identify Channels and key Tactics? – How will you speak to your audience?  
  • Timeline – Step by step, when each process will occur.  
  • Governance – What legal or ethical requirements do you need to consider?  
  • Budget and Resources – What money/resources are needed to achieve objectives?  
  • Risk Assessment – What could go wrong? What is your plan B?  
  • Measurement – How will you evaluate the success of this campaign?        

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There are many different approaches when it comes to how businesses can manage their social media.

For instance, depending on the size of your business, current staff skill sets and budget will determine what is right for you.  

Large businesses might have a whole team working on their Social Media Marketing (Content Creator, Community Manager, Advertiser, Analyst). 

Complex stuff, right?  When it comes to small businesses, you’re most likely trying to do it all yourself!  

Furthermore, this can be utterly overwhelming, particularly if you’re not the creative type or if looking at analytics leaves you feeling dazed and confused.  

As a small business owner, you can cover off on all of the above by outsourcing components of your Social Media Management.

You might have us develop a strategy for you and get yourself or one of your team members to develop the content and schedule the posts.  

In fact, we can even train someone in your team do develop the content and post regularly and we can monitor the analytics and paid advertising. 

The options really are UNLIMITED, the key is finding what is right for you and your budget. 


Ever wondered why some of your posts don’t get seen by many people?  

Did you know that only about 1-2% of your followers will see your organic content? (the posts you do that are not paid advertising)

This is why Social Media Advertising is becoming an increasing part of a business’ marketing budget.  

As such, the benefits of Social Media Advertising are many:

  • You can set a budget
  • Define your target audience
  • Receive real time insights
  • Adjust and tweak based on results   

If you’re confused by all the types of ads, how to define your audience or simply where the heck to start, we can help you with Facebook Advertising. We can DO IT for you or help teach you or one of your staff how to get your Facebook Advertising nailed! 

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