Facebook Advertising

What is Facebook Advertising?


Are you wanting to increase website traffic? Convert more Customers? If you answered YES, Facebook Advertising should be part of your Marketing Plan. Facebook Ads are fantastic as you can be very specific with your targeting and create a variety of different ads ensuring your business is SEEN everywhere your customers are looking!

Facebook Advertising Involves: 

  • Identifying your Objectives (what do you want out of it)
  • Ensuring you KNOW your customer so you can get the most out of the targeting. 
  • Choosing the right Ad format for your objective (awareness, conversion, traffic etc.) 
  • Creating a SCROLL stopping ad. 
  • Creating Custom and Lookalike Audiences. 
  • Setting a budget that will achieve your objectives and fits in with your overall marketing budget. 
  • Ensuring you have the Facebook Pixel in place. 
  •  Constantly monitoring, tweaking your ad for optimal performance. 

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Every wondered why some of your posts don’t get seen by many people?

Did you know that only 1-2% of your Facebook Followers will see your posts, that’s why Facebook Advertising is becoming essential to ensure your content is seen. 

Why use a Facebook Advertising Agency?


Have you boosted a post before although not really sure what you were doing? 

Do you feel like you’re wasting money on ads that aren’t working? 

Don’t worry you’re not alone. I remember before I learnt all the details of Facebook Ads, I’d randomly boost a post or set up an ad but not have much idea about targeting and just feel like I was throwing money down the toilet.

This is why using a Facebook Advertising Agency is so important. We help to ensure your ads are EFFECTIVE and you are clear about your objectives and have a complete system in place rather than just a random ad here and there. 


Facebook Advertising Tips


  1. Be Clear on your Objective. So many businesses put a Facebook Ad out there expecting instant sales. The reality is that if you are sending a Facebook Ad out to people that don’t know you (cold audience). Your expectations should be that they might visit the website (increased traffic). The reality is they are most likely not ready to buy (only 4% of website visitors might be ready to buy on the first visit). If you are expecting Sales then you would want to focus on re-targeting ads (showing ads to people who have already been on your website) or showing ads to an existing audience (mailing list, facebook follwers etc).
  2. Have different ads for different Objectives. When creating your Facebook Ads you want to think about what stage of the customer journey your customers are at. Are you trying to create awareness of your business? Are you trying to Convert Customers or Create Loyalty? Your Ad should match the stage of the journey your customers are at. ExamplesAwareness Ad goes out to a broad audience, objective is to reach a wider audience and get more website traffic. Re-targeting Ad goes out to all website visitors in the last 30 days, objective is to convert more customers, ad would focus on benefits of choosing your business.
  3. Get GREAT at targeting. If you want to avoid wasting money on ads then ensuring you are targeting the right audience is REALLY important. Simply targetting all people in a region isn’t effective as most of the people most likely aren’t interested on what your selling. Target people who WANT to know about your business.
  4. Ensure you Facebook Ad is solving a problem. If you want clicks on your ad, your ad needs to solve a problem for your customers. Ensure you include content that resonates and creates curiosity plus a scroll stopping image or video.


Did you know 60% of Australians use Facebook

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